The stakes are high for Colorado kids in November

In less than a month, thousands of Colorado residents, including parents, teachers and even some students, will head to the polls to decide how they want school districts to work at giving every kid a great education. With school board seats up for grabs throughout the state, Chalkbeat asked candidates in Denver, Aurora, Jefferson and Douglas counties some questions to help voters learn about each candidate, what matters most to them and how they plan to support Colorado’s kids.

“In many cases, their votes will determine the philosophical direction of their school districts. Should there be more charter schools? How much should the district pay teachers? How should the district boost learning for its most vulnerable students? These are just some of the policy questions school boards consider. And with majority control up for grabs on many boards, the stakes are especially high in 2017.”

There’s a lot at stake for kids in Colorado—there’s a lot at stake for all of us. You don’t have to be a parent or an educator to care about the issues. The future success of our youngest residents will shape the future of our communities for generations to come.

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