Without SchoolChoice I know exactly where my child would be and it wouldn’t have been best for him

Ever since my son Allan started kindergarten 11 years ago, I wanted him to have access to the best education I could find for him. I dropped him off that day at the same campus where I went to elementary school and left proud that my son would attend the same school I had attended as a child. Later that year, I discovered the school was not meeting my expectations and that it was time for me to look for other options.

Once we reached eighth grade, Allan needed to find a good fit because these years would have a huge impact on the rest of his life and the career choices he would make. I set off on a journey to find the best high school possible. I went on tours, attended open houses, and took advantage of any opportunity to go and see schools and meet any members of the campus community.

I first heard about DSST during a local TV station’s report about the top 10 schools in Colorado, which mentioned DSST: Stapleton High School. Although it was on the opposite side of town, I was ready to make the drive to Stapleton if needed. After doing more research, I found out that DSST: College View High School was opening, and the campus was not far from our house. I was so excited, I immediately looked up all the information and came to one of their open houses. School Director Becca Myers was the most down-to-earth, nicest person and had an answer to all my questions.

Thanks to DPS’ SchoolChoice system, DSST: College View was an option for us even though we didn’t live in the enrollment zone. Being a part of the DSST family has definitely been a great experience not only for me as a mother but for Allan as a student. For Allan, being part of the founding class and knowing he is building something so important is something he treasures. And for me, knowing that I am always welcomed with open arms and that our community is so welcoming and always there to help and support is such a peace of mind. I feel that I have made an excellent choice in my son’s education that will follow him strongly into his future. I am very confident in saying that Allan is college-ready and that is all thanks to the great team of teachers and staff at DSST.

Without DSST, I feel like Allan would be stuck at a school where he would be just another student, getting a mediocre education. He likely would just be trying to make it through high school, much less even think about going to college. Since day one at DSST, he’s been taught that his and his classmates’ mission was not just graduation from high school but from college. So our family’s sights are set on college graduation! And it is all thanks to the continued support and hard work of our DSST: College View community!

About DSST
Founded in 2004, DSST actively works to provide a high-quality education with a STEM focus for sixth through 12th grades in Denver. The network serves about 5,300 students on 13 campuses (seven middle schools and six high schools), and about three out of four students receive free and reduced lunches. To date, 100 percent of DSST graduates have earned acceptance into 4-year colleges and universities.

In addition, close, caring relationships are at the heart of DSST’s approach. The network’s school culture intentionally fosters strong relationships between teachers and students. Every student is known at DSST. Through activities like all-school Morning Meetings and small-group Advisories, students are given opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the school community all while understanding their unique identity and building their voice.

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Throughout the years, DPS has won national recognition for its common enrollment system which allows parents like Maria Piñon from DSST: College View to seek out the best school to meet their child’s needs. For many parents, finding the right school for their child is easily one of the most important decisions they can make. If you have a story about how SchoolChoice has made it possible for your child to receive the best possible education tell us about it! Email Chyrise Harris at [email protected]

And if you’re looking to attend a school in DPS, don’t forget to submit your SchoolChoice form by 4PM on February 28, 2018.


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