About Us

In many ways, Colorado is ahead of the game when it comes to public schools. We have a statewide choice system that enables parents to find the right school for their kids, regardless of what district it’s in. And there’s a thriving charter-school system and innovation schools and zones that offer diverse approaches while bolstering the supply of quality options.

But when it comes to results for kids, we’re still pretty mediocre. Education Week grades us at a C, and U.S. News & World Report ranks our K-12 system down at number 30.

Lots of room for improvement. And we hear a lot from politicians, special-interest groups, and advocates about how to improve our schools. We don’t hear enough from parents, teachers and kids.

Colorado School Talk, an extension of the national nonprofit Education Post, is a place for Colorado parents, educators and students to have their say about their schools—having no special interest other than a great future for our kids.

Elevating the education conversation.